Dr. and Mrs. Alan Jacobs

From start to finish, Barbara did an outstanding job as our real estate agent! First, she and her colleagues staged our home beautifully. Next, knowing the Maplewood housing market very well, she advised us realistically on pricing without pushing us too hard to accept her advice. Throughout the sale she followed up on all leads and kept us informed. While under contract, she went out of her way to arrange her schedule to be available at our house for inspections and repairs when we were out of town. She helped to facilitate a very difficult negotiation.

In addition to being very professional, we found Barbara to be a very friendly person with whom we truly enjoyed working. We highly recommend her.

Dr. and Mrs. Alan Jacobs

Spring 2011

Marcia and Jim Gardner

Barbara was an excellent agent! Our objectives were to explore the South Orange/Maplewood and Montclair area and find a house that met our needs and requirements. With Barbara’s help they both were achieved.

My previous experiences with real estate agents were that they were so busy that they didn’t seem to have time for us and we felt rushed. This was most definitely not the case with Barbara, who always made time to take us around and to answer our questions. She also learned our needs and our style incredibly quickly, communicated frequently, and advocated so that we got the house we wanted. Beyond that, she has a good sense of humor and is just generally a nice person (important when you are spending hours in the car together!)

We really enjoyed working with Barbara. She knows the area and
knows her stuff!

Spring 2011


H. Silvestri

You were excellent!   You were patient beyond belief, professional, extremely hard-working. You were kind, considerate, and really had our best interests at heart. Honest, and with a clear sense of integrity.We wanted to sell our house at the highest possible value with the least possible hassle. To purchase a house we could be happy in for some time to come, also with the least possible hassle. Both objectives were achieved.

(Recommend You): Yes

We are rather picky, perfectionistic, and at times I fear even difficult clients. Barbara never missed a beat, was always kind and patient, and really knew how to work with us so that our objectives were achieved. We are very grateful for her.

-H. Silvestri

Karen (Tia) Swanson

I think you’re wonderfully competetent, sufficiently hard-nosed and always on top of things.  Thanks!
We wanted to find a bigger house and yard and be able to afford it.  Our experience with you was very good. I found the whole process extremely stressful, but that wasn’t your fault —

J. Cowans

“Barbara was an incredible help to us in every stage of our house-hunting process. From the beginning, she showed interest in us, listened carefully, and quickly zeroed in on what sorts of places would and would not interest us. She managed to give us excellent advice without ever being the slightest bit pushy. It was always easy to reach her, and she always made time for us on fairly short notice. Not once did we ever get any hint of “attitude” as we pestered her with a zillion questions and made repeated visits to see properties. Once we chose the place we wanted, she showed an amazing command of all the details of the process, right through our closing. Most of all, she proved that she was truly concerned that we get the place we wanted. I have bought and sold properties before, and Barbara is easily the best agent I have ever worked with.”

– J. Cowans

S. Knutsen

“I realized the other day that I never officially thanked you for all of the hard work you put in on our behalf – we are so thankful that you were our partner on this HUGE project and truly appreciate all you did for us. In the craziness of the move, I was completely remiss in not telling you how much your efforts were appreciated. I would heartily recommend you to anyone I know who is looking to buy a house in the area. THANKS!!!!!”

-S. Knutsen

M. Cashwell

“Thank you so much for all your hard work. I really appreciate your dedication and professionalism throughout our transaction. Not to mention your patience. If I can recruit any more friends to the area, I will definitely recommend you again. Thanks again for everything.”

-M. Cashwell

C. Bryant

“As a first-time home buyer, my primary objective was to find a home that was in move-in condition with contemporary charm and in a desirable location. With a tremendous about of patience and hard work, my goal was achieved! Barbara, you were an absolute pleasure to work with. This was a new experience for me and you gave me the confidence and knowledge I needed to get through the process. Thank you!”
-C. Bryant

B. Byrne

“We wanted to purchase an appealing, older, moderate-sized home in a nice neighborhood within walking distance of shops, playgrounds, and transportation. We appreciated that you were available when we needed you, and were easy to work with. We also felt you developed a good sense of what we wanted, and that you were honest and realistic in noting good and bad points of houses. With your help, we found the perfect home!”

-B. Byrne

M. Bowen

“We were looking to find a home that met our criteria within a commuting distance to New York City. As our Realtor, Barbara was wonderful with advice at every step of the process. Our expectations were exceeded. Working with Barbara was fantastic and we would recommend Barbara (and have already) to anyone looking to buy a home in the area. Barbara was there for anything that we needed. She helped us navigate the market well and was there when we needed a tough negotiator. Barbara knew the market well and balanced informed advice with experience. You couldn’t ask for a more informed or helpful realtor!”
-M. Bowen