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Located about five miles to the west of Newark in Essex County, New Jersey is the picturesque community of South Orange, brimming with quaint village charm and lovely, Old World ambiance. If this is your kind of place and you’re in the market for some available homes for sale, South Orange NJ will have much to offer.

Homes for Sale South Orange New Jersey

When it comes to a great selection of homes for sale, South Orange NJ has a variety of homes that will suit every type of homebuyer, from wood framed single-family residences to charming brick English cottages, to a range of classic housing styles like Victorian, Tudor, and Colonial, as well as more contemporary options like townhouses and low-rise condos. Whatever your preference, these homes for sale in South Orange will be sure to please even the most discerning buyer.

South Orange is one of the few remaining places in the state of New Jersey that uses gaslight illumination for its streets, particularly in the residential neighborhoods. In fact, the gaslights of South Orange have become proud symbols of the town’s distinctive character and unique identity. Many historic buildings can also be found in South Orange, like the Village Hall, which was built in 1894 and is now listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Historic architecture enthusiasts will certainly appreciate the other structures in South Orange that are also registered as National Historical Places, which include the South Orange Fire Department, the Railroad Station, and the Eugene V. Kelly Carriage House found on the grounds of Seton Hall University.

Should you need more information on the area’s available homes for sale, South Orange NJ Realtor Barbara Lawrence can tell you more, including choice properties in neighboring areas like Maplewood homes and others. Give her a call today.