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What’s made South Orange the town it is today? Many things, of course, not the least of which is its proximity to New York City. Most of the residents here work in Manhattan, as they have for decades. This has helped bring South Orange, NJ homes for sale their distinct architecture. In fact, the town has seven historic neighborhoods.

Take Montrose Park, for example. Town leaders told developers in the early 20th century that only residential homes could be built here – and large homes with spacious yards became the norm. By the 1920s, small homes on smaller lots sprang up north of South Orange Avenue, between Center Street and Grove Park.

And let’s not forget the Victorians. These homes – dating from about 1870 to 1930 – abound here. Well maintained and cared for, these properties make a walk along the shady neighborhood streets of South Orange a true delight. (This wealth of architectural styles has also made its way into Maplewood homes nearby; both towns are a true residential architecture aficionado’s delight.)

South Orange, New Jersey Homes for Sale

South Orange and Maplewood homes have long attracted an eclectic and remarkable blend of people. Thomas Edison built his factory near South Orange so that his engineers and inventors could live in a beautiful town. Artists and other leading industrialists soon followed. Even long before Edison, South Orange attracted New York City residents. In the late 1800s, those looking to escape the heat and stifling humidity all too common during a Manhattan summer flocked to South Orange.

If you’re at all considering moving out of the city, I urge you to look at South Orange, New Jersey homes for sale. You’ll find prices affordable, the town delightful and the commute to NYC very manageable. Give me, South Orange and Maplewood RealtorĀ® Barbara Lawrence, a call – today!