Maplewood NJ Columbia High School Ranks High

Maplewood, NJ Columbia High School Ranks High this year – in the TOP 15%.

Along with the price of a new Maplewood, NJ house and the taxes,the quality of the local school district is a key
consideration in deciding where to buy. For a parent, or a young couple planning on a family, it might veryScreen Shot 2013-03-07 at 1.54.00 PM
well be the most important factor of all.

In September 2012, on the basis of its academic excellence and student achievement, N.J. Monthly Magazine generated Maplewood, NJ’s Columbia High School#47 out of all the high schools in the State of New Jersey.  Small classes of 20-25 students, and a selection of over 140 courses to choose from, are the key to Columbia’s success. And it shows. The high school boasts average S.A.T. scores that are not only higher than the state average, but exceed the national average as well. For those kids on the fast track toward college, Columbia offers 21 Advanced Placement courses and can proudly point to an 85% passing rate on AP exams.

Columbia’s core curriculum focuses on 5 academic major subjects:
English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and World Languages.   After the required courses in each are completed, students are free to choose from among the scores of college-level electives that are available and for which college credit can be earned. Also required for graduation is one year of fine and performing arts and one year of practical arts. Fine arts courses range from animation, photography, film making, design, to chorale, orchestra and theatre, to name only a
few, while the practical art course offerings include business, finance and technology.

Academics are only one part of the picture at Columbia. The high school can proudly point to over 50 extracurricular activities that relate to its academic and athletic offerings. Among the more exceptional activities are the school newspaper, The Columbian, which was named Most Outstanding High School Newspaper by the Scholastic Press Association in 2012, and the school literary magazine, Guildscript, which received an Excellent ranking award from the National Council of Teachers of English. The school has its own television broadcasting station, which provides hands-on experience to students in the TV Production courses as well as daily programming to the local communities. Clubs devoted to everything from music, theatre, chess, Shakespeare, Magic, Italian, Astronomy keep students interest after school. There is even a Robotics, formed in 2011, which
has already won state titles in competition.

Nothing is more important than the education of your children. The school district that you live in will have a tremendous impact on their future.

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Maplewood, NJ Columbia High School is just one of the reasons to consider purchasing a home in Maplewood or South Orange New Jersey.