R. Medford

Barbara helped our family find a home while trying to relocate from NYC. She was very accommodating to our schedule since we had to frequently pop out to visit on weekends, sometimes with our 2 year old in tow. She definitely has a very strong understanding of the local communities and knowledge of the area. We looked within Montclair, South Orange and Maplewood — and she really was able to speak to them all separately and with great understanding. Most importantly, we appreciated her honesty. She was straight forward and did not feel as through she was trying to sell us on something just to complete a sale. She took her time and we ended up finding a wonderful home!!Less

D. Tabak

Barbara is a truly a seasoned professional! She coached us through the highly emotional process of selling
our home with grace and humor and made what could have been a difficult and highly emotional
transition into an easy one. Her staging skills saved us a lot of turmoil and unnecessary expense.

E. Holtz

Barbara Lawrence was the listing agent for the late spring 2015 sale of our old Maplewood home.
Skipping to the conclusion: we closed at a price almost 25% over asking. Sure, it was a hot market, but a
good part of the premium was down to Barbara. We put ourselves entirely in her hands, making the fixes
she suggested and going along with her pricing and staging.

M. Bloom

Hey Mary Anne – It was great seeing you on the street the other day. I just wanted to shoot you a note again to say thank you for finding Barbara for us. We had issues rise up this morning with the CO for the house and a tank needing to get removed and it reminded me how I wouldn’t haven’t gotten through this process without her. She has done so much for us that the house has been a breeze for Sam and I, even though there have been a ton of issues with the home inspection and now CO. Barbara has almost literally been a life saver J. I really appreciate you going through the leg work to find her for us. It’s so important to have the right person on the ground and Barbara knows the territory and has definitely gone above and beyond. It’s like have a Mary Anne in New Jersey J.
Thanks again,